Past Group Members

Postdoctoral Researchers:

Raquel Linheiro

Peter Briggs

Tim Burgis

Ping Wang

Maximilian Haeussler

Dave Gerrard

Helena Bailes

PhD Students:

Manee Manee – Comparative genomics of noncoding DNA

Michael Nelson – Evolution of Drosophila transposable elements

Florence Gutzwiller – Evolution of insect-microbe symbioses

Pedro Olivares-Chauvet, Thesis: Multi-scale analysis of chromosome and nuclear architecture.

Martin Gerner, Thesis: Integrating text-mining approaches to identify entities and extract events from the biomedical literature.

Raquel Linheiro, Thesis: Computational analysis of transposable element target site preferences in Drosophila melanogaster.

Michael Barton, Thesis: Evolutionary systems biology of amino acid cost and gene importance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Rotation/M.Sc./M.Res./Undergraduate Students:

Paul Ginsberg

Jianing Liu

Shawn Queen

Anna Page

Ali Rezaee

Laurent Frantz

Mark Richardson

Huiyoung Yun

Jainy Shah

Sanna Aizad

Shie Chang

Jamie MacPherson


Mioamiao He

Claire Provost

Visiting Scientists:

Guilherme Dias

Jörg Hakenberg

Danny Miller

Martin Carr

Sònia Casillas

Francesco Catania

Winfried Hense

Nora Pierstorff

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