Principal Investigator:

Casey Bergman, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Deparment of Genetics & Institute of Bioinformatics.

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Postdoctoral Researchers

Guilherme Dias

PhD Students:

Jingxuan Chen – Ph.D student, Institute of Bioinformatics

Preston Basting – Ph.D student, Institute of Bioinformatics

Shunhua Han – Ph.D student, Institute of Bioinformatics

Project Students:

Former Group Members

Postdoctoral Researchers:

Raquel Linheiro

Peter Briggs

Tim Burgis

Ping Wang

Maximilian Haeussler

Dave Gerrard

Helena Bailes

PhD Students:

Florence Gutzwiller, Thesis: Evolution and gene expression of Wolbachia in D. melanogaster.

Manee Manee, Thesis: Comparative genomics of noncoding DNA.

Michael Nelson, Thesis: Bioinformatic approaches to detect transposable element Insertions in high throughput sequence data from Saccharomyces and Drosophila.

Pedro Olivares-Chauvet, Thesis: Multi-scale analysis of chromosome and nuclear architecture.

Martin Gerner, Thesis: Integrating text-mining approaches to identify entities and extract events from the biomedical literature.

Raquel Linheiro, Thesis: Computational analysis of transposable element target site preferences in Drosophila melanogaster.

Michael Barton, Thesis: Evolutionary systems biology of amino acid cost and gene importance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

Rotation/M.Sc./M.Res./Undergraduate Students:

Fredrick Little

Rebecca Piri

Ruijie Xu

John Mendiata

Kivanc Corut

Paul Ginsberg

Jianing Liu

Shawn Queen

Anna Page

Ali Rezaee

Laurent Frantz

Mark Richardson

Huiyoung Yun

Jainy Shah

Sanna Aizad

Shie Chang

Jamie MacPherson


Mioamiao He

Claire Provost

Visiting Scientists:

Kathrin Stanger-Hall

Guilherme Dias

Jörg Hakenberg

Danny Miller

Martin Carr

Sònia Casillas

Francesco Catania

Winfried Hense

Nora Pierstorff

See our group or the Bergman Lab Google Map to see where in the world we are from.


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