Compendium of Drosophila Microbial Symbiont Genome Assemblies

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Posted 25 Jan 2013 in drosophila, genome bioinformatics, microbes

Following on from a recent post where we compiled genome assemblies for species in the Drosophila genus, here we bring together the growing list of genome assemblies for microbial symbionts of Drosophila species. Please add information about any other Drosophila symbiont genome sequences assemblies that might be missing from this table in the comments below.

Assembly Producer
Wolbachia pipientis wMel D. melanogaster TIGR AE017196
Wolbachia pipientis wMelPop D. melanogaster O’Neill Lab AQQE00000000
Wolbachia pipientis wAu D. simulans Sinkins Lab LK055284
Wolbachia pipientis wSim D. simulans Salzberg Lab AAGC00000000
Wolbachia pipientis wRi D. simulans Andersson Lab NC_012416
Wolbachia pipientis wHa D. simulans Andersson Lab NC_021089
Wolbachia pipientis wNo D. simulans Andersson Lab NC_021084
Wolbachia pipientis wSuzi D. suzukii Anfora Lab CAOU02000001
Wolbachia pipientis wAna D. annanasae Salzberg Lab AAGB00000000
Wolbachia pipientis n.a. D. willistoni Salzberg Lab AAQP00000000
Wolbachia pipientis wRec D. recens Bordenstein Lab JQAM00000000
Pseudomonas entomophila L48 D. melanogaster Genoscope NC_008027
Commensalibacter intestini A911 D. melanogaster Lee Lab AGFR00000000
Acetobacter pomorum DM001 D. melanogaster Lee Lab AEUP00000000
Gluconobacter morbifer G707 D. melanogaster Lee Lab AGQV00000000
Providencia sneebia DSM 19967 D. melanogaster Lazzaro Lab AKKN00000000
Providencia rettgeri Dmel1 D. melanogaster Lazzaro Lab AJSB00000000
Providencia alcalifaciens Dmel2 D. melanogaster Lazzaro Lab AKKM00000000
Providencia burhodogranariea DSM 19968 D. melanogaster Lazzaro Lab AKKL00000000
Lactobacillus brevis EW D. melanogaster Lee Lab AUTD00000000
Lactobacillus plantarum WJL D. melanogaster Lee Lab AUTE00000000
Lactobacillus plantarum DmelCS_001 D. melanogaster Douglas Lab JOJT00000000
Lactobacillus fructivorans DmelCS_002 D. melanogaster Douglas Lab JOJZ00000000
Lactobacillus brevis DmelCS_003 D. melanogaster Douglas Lab JOKA00000000
Acetobacter pomorum
DmelCS_004 D. melanogaster Douglas Lab JOKL00000000
Acetobacter malorum DmelCS_005 D. melanogaster Douglas Lab JOJU00000000
Acetobacter tropicalis DmelCS_006 D. melanogaster Douglas Lab JOKM00000000
Lactococcus lactis Bpl1 D. melanogaster Douglas Lab JRFX00000000
Enterococcus faecalis Fly1 D. melanogaster Broad Institute ACAR00000000


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